LILIN will showcase intelligent surveillance solutions at Intersec 2019

IP video solution provider LILIN will showcase the latest products at the 2019 Intersec exhibition, including AI applications, smart factories, smart retail, smart home, and cloud-based maintenance solutions. H .265 image compression technology and the advanced TVWall system will be also presented to solve

the thorny problems faced by today's surveillance market including how to extend applications through an integrated product architecture.

Intersec is a significant international security exhibition. The annual exhibition directly represents the global security trend and expedite the industry standards. The main highlights of LILIN in Intersec 2019 exhibition are:

AI application

AI is the foundation of Industry 4.0. Through AI technology, how to extend the surveillance structure and build a scalable framework? Through machine learning and integration of peripheral devices, LILIN implements efficient object identification devices to enable AI applications to be embodied.

Smart home access control

Seamless integration with IoT to implement home automation, including light bulbs, door locks, switches, and PIR sensors, to create a complete IoT ecosystem.

Unmanned maintenance

Via DH032 device cloud host to remotely manage various surveillance devices, greatly reducing maintenance and operation costs and minimizing manpower requirements.

Smart factory and retail

Simulate production line operations and identify QRcode to offload products to different pipelines. Enrich the smart retail environment with 3D cameras.

H.265 technology application

H.265 is a video coding standard with high compression rate. Because of  H.265, the overall network environment maintains a wider bandwidth and achieves better picture quality at lower bitrate.

High-performance central management system

The new NTS1004 central management system significantly reduces the difficulty of video wall construction and equipment cost, and realizes the sharp and slim structure of multi-channel live viewing.

Intersec 2019 will be held at the Dubai World Trade Center from January 20th to 22nd, 2019. You can visit the LILIN booth at Sheikh Saeed 1 booth number S1-I34 to experience the latest products and technologies.