LILIN introduces new cameras with rain repellent glass technology,

LILIN introduces new cameras with rain repellent glass technology, the self-draining glass increase visibility during rainy days, and eliminate dust and prevent grime adhesion.

New Taipei District, Wuku District, Taiwan, July 2018 LILIN in the spirit of innovation and research, announce the mass production of cameras with special rain repellent glass technology. This technology increases visibility on rainy days and removes dust and grime.

In order to cope with increasingly serious PM2.5 issues around the world, and solve camera issues including outdoor camera glass easy to adhere dust and grime, sharpness of the camera image greatly reduced with age, and infrared glare and image blur caused by dirt, and to minimize high cost of cleaning and maintenance of PTZ dome camera installed in high rise building, highways and high salt air and humid coast, LILIN has developed special rain repellent glass technology to eliminate dust and prevent grime adhesion, greatly saving operating and maintenance costs.

Steve Hu, LILIN product manager said: "We are very excited about the R&D team's development of special rain repellent glass technology. This key technology can solve the long-standing problems of customers – after 2, 3 months of camera installation.  The image is smudge during day time and hazy image in night time. The cost of the customer needing to hire a crane regularly to clean the surface of the glass can be greatly reduced.”

The LILIN PSR series PTZ cameras have been well received after the introduction of the camera's special rain repellent glass technology. 

The following cameras are now equipped with this technology:

SR7424EX/SR7428EX camera,

ZMR7422X-P/ZMR7442X-P/ZMR7422X2-P/ZMR7442X2-P camera,

ZMR7722X/ZMR7742 camera,

ZR7424EX3/ZR7428EX3 camera,

IP7722ESX/IPR7424ESX/IPR7428ESX/IPR7424ESX/IPR7428ESX camera,

LR7424EX/LR7428EX camera

Starting June 2018, above infrared outdoor cameras have special rain repellent glass technology to increase visibility, eliminate dust and prevent grime contamination, and greatly reduce the operation and maintenance cost of outdoor cameras.


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