Day&Night Superhigh Resolution Camera

Model:CMG152 / 156 / 158


  • Accepts 850nm peak wavelength infrared light sources enabling, Day&Night surveillance.
  • This is a highly sensitive camera with minimum scene illumination, ensuring good quality images in low light environments.
  • When using manual or fi xed iris lenses, the electronic shutter function controls the amount of light captured by the CCD by altering the shutter speed between 1/50(1/60)~100,000 of a second.
  • Subjects lit from behind can be automatically enhanced through DSP control of the iris and shutter speeds, compensating for poorly illuminated scenes.
  • Refi ning captured image outlines for a sharper video image.
  • Automatically tracks the changes in the color temperature, and adjusts the white balance. The color temperature ranging from 2000K to 18000K.
  • DC Auto Iris lens can be used.
  • Built-in highly sensitive capacitive microphone allows settng up of audio monitoring system.
  • Use this ring to adjusts the back-focal distance or picture focus.