NAV Control Server



  • Supports all LILIN IP cameras, IP speed domes, and DVR/NVR.
  • Available of connecting up to 4096 NAV recorders.
  • Available of managing up to 65000 devices of all LILIN IP cameras, IP speed domes, DVR/NVR, and NAV LIVE servers.
  • Up to 512 groups, in which 1000 users can be included 
  • Supports up to 144 live feeds or history data for simultaneous display.
  • Video wall management for collage up to 144 screens, and multiple-screen stretch support.
  • Supports dual streams
  • Supports playback and backup for synchronized videos.
  • Supports electronic maps (including Google Maps, Baidu Maps, and static maps).
  • Supports video archive and recording sync capability.
  • Built-in dual Ethernet 1000Mbps cards.
  • 2U dimension for standard cabinet.
  • Scalable up to 6 SATA hard drives. 


LILIN NAV Control Server NCS3600 can manage with tree structures for all LILIN NAV recorders. The device can connect with 4000 NAV recorders and control more than 60 thousand connected devices. With LAN or Internet connection, remote NAV recorders can be easily set up for live feed monitoring, other managements or configurations, and message storage. Also, NCS3600 is able to display and analyze live videos, recorded data, operation status, operation message from NAV recorders.

The Control Server supports all LLIN NAV recorders, DVR/NVR, IP cameras, and IP speed domes. Up to 144 devices displaying fullscreen live feeds and recorded videos, NCS3600 can not only control PTZ cameras (e.g., IP speed dome), but can also configure preset position and custom layout. In addition, the device supports dual-stream mode and remote storage display and backup.

With the combination of different NAV recorders, NCS3600 can monitor and control video wall in a speedy manner. The Control Server support up to 144 screens for multiple or single video source. In sequence mode, videos can be switched or stretched on different monitors, maximizing the flexibility for display layout.

In NCS3600, the alarm settings can be adjust to 24/7 or scheduled, and the alarms supported includes: facial detection, sound detection, tamper detection, motion detection, and license plate detection. To trigger cross-device alarms, it is recommended to use with the video wall control system for live alarm display.