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Campus video systems generally require 1080P 2MP IP video, distributed remote video monitoring at multiple sites, centralized PoE power management, installation, and clear night vision provided by an IR camera solution. Covering all of these bases, LILIN’s IP video products can provide a complete solution for campus video systems.

The Solution

Many schools have an Ethernet network already installed. LILIN’s full digital IP video systems can utilize existing Ethernet infrastructures to stream camera footage to the NVR Touch. Compared to traditional PC-based NVRs, the NVR Touch series provides an eco-friendly embedded recording solution, with up to 24TB HDD capacity internally, and 16TB eSATA RAID. This can provide up to 2.5 months of 1080P IP video recording in real-time for 16 channels.or a 256GB SSD for two days of recording.

LLILIN PoE switches can provide centralized power management for LILIN PoE cameras. Unlike Analog cameras, there is no need for visiting the camera site when checking for power failure. This can easily be monitored by the LED indicators of the PoE switch itself, reducing maintenance and installation cost.VD022, Video Decoder.

Distributed remote video monitoring is one of the most important requirements of campus projects. LILIN’s VD022 video decoder provides remote monitoring for IP cameras without the need of a power-consuming PC. The VD022 can decode live video remotely from the NVR Touch, as well as perform remote playback and back up.

Vandal resistant cameras are a common choice for campus projects due to the IPR6122X unpredictable lifestyle of the students on and around the facility. LILIN’s IPR6122X provides vandal resistant housing with built-in IR. A tamper detection feature is also included to provide extra protection for the surveillance unit. Embedded intelligent video surveillance (IVS) allows for motion and audio detection (IPD6220 model), in addition to tamper detection alarms, for use in classroom applications at night or on the weekend. This feature has the ability to notify the NVR Touch series with alarm snapshots for instant playback.

IR solutions providing clear video on campuses at night, is one of the most important features required by school projects. Evenings prove to be very dark in both campus class rooms and open areas. IR cameras provide clear video at night time, allowing for full surveillance even when impossible for the naked eye. In open fields, LILIN’s IR illuminator acts as an additonal light source, reaching up to 250m. If IR cameras are installed in classrooms that IR ranges cannot cover, the IR illuminator IM05108/05308/05608 can be used as additional support.

The System When setting up campus video systems, NVRs can be stored in a centralized rack cabinet, or can be operated individually with LCD monitors. LILIN’s VD022 can be used to feed a TV wall display or for distributed remote monitoring. If remote monitoring, backup, and playback are required, the VD022 can be setup accordingly. The system is described in the diagram below:

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