The Issues

Traffic jam is a big headache for the public and government.

By utilizing AI technologies, LILIN Aida software develops object classification and identification technology, which can detect vehicles and pedestrians counting and stay time detection. Besides, provides traffic issue solution including parking violation detection, queuing detection, average speed detection via LILIN VMS and traffic statistics management.

|System Architecture

Aida PC received the live image from IP & PTZ cameras to do the real-time analysis of traffic behavior.

Wide temperature industrial Aida PC gets installed on edge to analyze objection and traffic behavior.

Meta data of the Aida server is sent to Navigator Control Center.

IO Box can be used for controlling traffic signals to direct traffic flow.

SIP audio and video are supported remote contact via LILIN camera.

|Take a First Look

|Traffic violation management

LILIN Aida intelligent traffic management can immediately warn traffic violations and effectively help the government to enforce the law. The warning applications in the following ways:

Truck violation for entering a city

Motorbike freeway entering detection

Running red traffic lights & wrong way detection

No U-turn or left turn detection

Turn left and right violation

|City Traffic Management

Truck violation for entering a city

Motorbike freeway entering detection

Running red traffic lights & Wrong way detection

No U-turn or left turn detection

|Parking violation solution

Integrate the AI vehicle detection system and the alert area to accurately detect parking violation.

No parking detection at airports, hospitals, schools and bus station.

Parking violation detection with ANPR for snapshot & recording.

|License plate recognition

License plate recognition for toll road

License plate recognition for gate control

Traffic control via license plate recognition

|Estimate Speed Management (Coming Soon)

Traffic congestion & distance detection for freeway

Estimating traffic speed management

|Queuing Detection

Queuing statistics report via NAV Client

Traffic jam detection for alarm notification

Provide traffic control for traffic jam

|NEMA 4x Cameras for Traffic

Autofocus ultra 4K series & 1080P 60 FPS PTZ cameras

P-iris & LPR cameras for traffic management

Rain repellent glass for IR PTZ / bullet camera for easy maintenance

ONVIF Profile S & G certified for interoperability

802.1x, HTTPs & Digest RTSP protocols for secure access

How to Manage

VMS Software for Managing Thousands of Cameras

|Navigator VMS Software

Remote NAV Servers video & playback management

Synchronous, asynchronous playback & live in one screen

Centralized account & camera management

Mosaic TVWall projection from NAV Client’s view

What to Buy

Edge AI Server | TV Wall | VMS Server | Private Cloud Recording