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Standalone RAID Storage System Network Video Recorder

Model:NVR1400 (non-Hisilicon)

EOL Soon


  • 16 Channel network camera Input
  • Up to 3mega pixel H.264 network camera support
  • Up to 1080P 60 FPS network camera support
  • Network redundancy supported
  • Internal HDD up to 6TB supported
  • Software RAID 1/5 supported
  • External e-SATA storage supported, up to 16TB
  • HDMI and VGA output up to 1920×1080P
  • Multi-touch screen support
  • Mobile phone ( iOS, Android ) solutions provided


The latest NVR network video recorder series NVR1400 released by LILIN can be connected to network cameras and has a built-in hard disk array storage system (RAID) solution. Data security. Ensuring that all recorded data is not easily lost due to hard disk damage, and multiple network security (network redundancy) security mechanisms ensure the integrity of the recorded data. The NVR1400 can input 16 network encoding devices, provides 48 Mbps network bandwidth, and supports 3 million pixel resolution recording. Users can quickly find the correct historical recording image using the timeline and event search functions.
NVR1400 network video recorder support up to 4 hard disk 6TB, external eSATA storage device for long-term recording. Supports multi-touch screen, remote control, 931D keyboard, mouse and other control interfaces. NVR1400 network video recorder supports various flexible backup methods such as USB, HTTP, FTP, network computer and so on. With LILIN NAV VMS central image management software, you can fully access NVR recording data, system records, etc. and integrate with other LILIN network devices. Smartphones (iOS, Android) can support remote video surveillance. Users do not need to connect a PC or additional software. The NVR1400 can work with different network environments to complete the setup.