Industrial Modbus LED Display




  • The ability to instantly control the message to be displayed/hidden, as well as the color of the text
  • Support for Modbus TCP and Modbus RTU Communication Protocol


PMH-LED116SA is a combination of LPR series camera products, industrial grade IP LED subtitle machine, industrial grade anti-noise capability and reliable stability. It supports the widely used Modbus communication protocol in industrial automation, easy to work with various industries. Control device communication and integrate with PLC, HMI, SCADA and other control systems. 

The field data can be written to the captioning machine through the network or serial communication, and the written values will be embedded in the text message in real-time according to the user's pre-planned format. The combination of multi-language text and 7 colors as urgency can greatly increase the readability of live messages. 

PMH-LED116SA provides 64 sets of general text messages and 10 sets of emergency breaks. The message pool storage space can be easily set through the web browser, or the web interface can be controlled from the mobile phone or tablet to control the captioning machine. You can modify the message content or insert emergency messages at any time without a dedicated control system. The open operation interface and the ability to instantly display various monitoring equipment data can be used in various indoor spaces including finance, telecommunications, hospitals, shopping malls, airports, stations and industrial sites.