LILIN will cease the maintenance and support for Internet Explorer (IE) browsers.

LILIN continues to focus on developing IP cameras, edge AI cameras, NVR/DVR systems, and VMS video management software. Since the introduction of HTML5 cross-browser streaming technology in 2018, LILIN has incorporated its proprietary HTML5 streaming technology into its entire range of cameras and NVR products.

However, due to Microsoft's decision to no longer support the Internet Explorer browser on their Windows operating system, starting from September 1, 2023, LILIN's browser-compatible products will no longer support or maintain compatibility with IE.

LILIN's HTML5 streaming technology has been implemented across its entire product line, including IP cameras, edge computing AI cameras, NVR/DVR systems, and VMS video management software. LILIN's HTML5 streaming technology is compatible with Edge, Chrome, and Firefox browsers.

LILIN confirms that its future developments and new products will continue to support cross-browser compatibility.  LILIN acknowledges the importance of providing a seamless and accessible user experience across various browsers and will strive to deliver products that meet these requirements.