Optimal solution for AI applications

Dedicated Frontend AI Cameras

Implement AI Applications without a PC or AI Box to build an efficient AI surveillance framework.

What They Do

Perform all AI tasks
in the frontend.

Image recognization, event management, behavior detection,
all these workloads now can be done in single LILIN AI Camera without any PC.

Saving total costs in every aspect.

Traditional AI surveillance solutions often require additional computer hosts or AI boxes for computing, which tends to incur higher costs in integration, deployment and maintenance.
LILIN AI Camera takes care of all the above, all you need to do is to unplug the network cable from the old IP cam and plug in LILIN AI Camera.

Recognize objects of various types.

Recognizing objects is the basic function of an AI camera. LILIN has trained a large number of models for industrial and commercial applications as well as for home surveillance, which enables high recognition accuracy in various fields.

Rich behaviors are built-in.

Events = Objects + Behaviors
Realize a wide range of applications with built-in rich behaviors.

SDK integration

Send the results to the backend device via hardware or software interface and provide SDK to retrieve the data.

Make a smarter and efficient AI surveillance framework.

7 Series AI Camera

Top performance with all AI features compatible

  • Full range
  • Ultra low
    0.04 lux
    in color mode
  • Comprehensive AI models
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6 Series AI Camera

Mainstream performance for ordinary applications

  • 5MP
  • Superior low
    0.09 lux
    in color mode
  • Popular AI models
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V Series AI Camera

Valuable for targeting typical scenarios

  • 5MP~4K
  • Low
    0.1 lux
    in color mode
  • Basic AI Model
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